In an evening dedicated to Pete Seeger, and to raise money for the Peoples Voice Cafe, each person I spoke to had a personal tale about Pete.  Many stories centered around how he was able to unit people in song and deed.   Pete would be 100 years old if he were still alive today, and the memories of Pete were as vivid in the hearts and minds as if he was here only yesterday. 

            Mike Glick pulled together a wonderful line up to celebrate and remember Pete, and how important he continues to be in bringing people together. The diverse group included: Piedmont Blūz, Cole Quest and the City Pickers, Bev Grant, Robin Greenstein, Hudson Valley Sally, Mike Glick & Lindsey Wilson, Ben Grosscup, and Vincent Cross.


            Songs included "Solidarity Forever" by Hudson Valley Sally, which I somehow knew a bit of already, a rocking "Turn Me ‘Round" with  Lindsey Wilson &  Mike Glick,  a passionate "Bring ‘Em Home,"  was followed by humorous satire in "Garbage"  both performed by Ben Grosscup, and a finale lead by Cole Quest and the City Pickers brought everyone together with "This Land Is Your Land." I remember hearing this song live back in Ireland when I first heard Arlo Guthrie, and remember I wept uncontrollably in the back of the room. Those emotions came back immediately, and with them a sense of hope that maybe there is a chance that we can come together and work out the problems of the world.

 PICS by Joel Landy