The Young Tradition

I couldn't believe my good fortune the other day, as I was perusing the bins of a West Village record store (there is still hope) and I pulled out a perfect copy of So Cheerfully Round So Cheerfully Round. It was the perfect find as the singer Heather Woods, a veteran from the English revival some 50+ years ago, was scheduled to play a show at Christopher St a few blocks away. I knew this as Heather, like myself, is involved with the Folk Music Society of New York. 

What a fabulous night of ballads, historical songs, love and agricultural songs, and a lot from the humorous side. I particulary enjoyed 'Chicken on a Raft,' which is loaded with old navy phrases and colloquialisms. In addition to the old songs, she has written some dynamite new ones. Over the years, Heather has also acted as agent for other artists, run folk clubs, organized weekends and other events, and written about folk music for an assortment of publications. She was joined by some powerful singing friends, which included David Jones and Andy Wallace.