New Album: The Life & Times of James Corcoran


I wasn't on the road this year--as many of you noted. I needed time to write more material, so that I can have some new tunes to share with folks--always a good reason to tour.  I've been researching a colorful distant relative James 'the Rooster' Corcoran. Known to many as "King Corcoran of the Roost." He was an infamous character around the mid to late 19th century in NYC (he's mentioned briefly in the movie Gangs of New York. He immigrated to New York in 1844 from Balbriggan, Ireland, and set up a shantytown in Manhattan. The songs are coming along and the hope is to start recording new material in the new year. I'm not sure when it'll be finished, but the hope is that 2019 should be a good bet. Stay tunned!