5th Annual Woody Guthrie: What a Hoot! (past event)


The 5th Annual Woody Guthrie Hoot brought together Guthrie fans from the Brooklyn Borough for a night of sing along choruses and dusty refrains. Not a seat was left vacant for nearly two hours of Guthrie's songs: From daunting political ditties like 'All You Fascists are Bounds to Loose,' to 'Hobbo's Lullabies,' 'Dust Storms' and any amount of 'Old Dusty Roads.' Thanks to Beth Kotkin, Joel Landy, Nancy Moccaldi, Anne Price, Kim Maier and Steve Suffet, all performing songs that former Brooklyn resident Woody Guthrie sang. The six performers will take turns leading songs, while providing instrumental and vocal accompaniment for each other. Please come prepared to sing along on choruses and refrains.