Brendan O'Shea

I was fortunate to bump into Brendan one night at his famous Scratcher Sessions in the East Village. My mate Roesy played there the last time he was in town, and I swore that I’d get back there and check out the incredible talent that passes through that doorway.Brendan O'Shea-3

  1. Can you remember the first guitar you owned? What was the make and model and how did you acquire it?

The first guitar I owned, as I can remember, was a Tackamine fp360. I bought it myself in my hometown of Killarney, Ireland.

  1. What are the qualities that matter to you when deciding on buying a guitar, and how has this changed over time?

To tell the truth I was always more interested in seeing people play, and playing myself than I ever was interested in what kinda guitar people were playing. I never was that guy who would go to guitar shops and sit and play a bunch of guitars all day and study the craftmanship too much until years later. I think different guitars suit different styles and people, for the most part I am drawn to older instruments, that have been played a lot and have a history without knowing what the history is you can just see it in the guitar .

  1. How did you discover your present guitar, and how did it find its way home to you?

The last guitar I bought was again a Tackimine as it was a good priced guitar it was made in the mid 90s and reliable for traveling and sounds good when plugged in anywhere. I have a few other guitars. I have a beautiful guild D25, 1976 which I love but doesn’t respond well to cold temps, so I don’t tour with it anymore, as when I did I would return to nyc and have to get work done on it every few months. But sound wise for me it suits me, and how I like an acoustic to sound.

  1. What historical aspects, if any, have you unearthed about your present or past guitars?

Well I have a Lowden [Irish made] by George, himself. I always wanted one but could never afford it so a friend of mine sold an old fender bass I had on line and he saw this Lowden, and I call George Lowden and he said that he had made this small body guitar to spec for someone and the deal didn’t go, so he was selling it for much less than it was worth so my friend sold the bass and I gave him the balance in cash to buy the Lowden. I love this guitar and it is a real piece of work great detail and love gone into its building, and I think Lowden have a real different sound than most guitars, which I like, again I don’t travel with this guitar but I love to record with it.

  1. What was the most recent song you composed on your guitar, and how did your present guitar tool lead you to discover the right music?

I have been writing songs for a new record, and I have been using all of the above guitars to do so. I am not too picky about which guitar I use to write and the lyrics, nor the music, are written in the wood , the writing comes to u and hopefully u grab it when it does .

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